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October 12-14, 2018


Successful people make decisions quickly because they know what they want and they know how to identify the RIGHT people to associate with to make their goals become a reality. They have clarity and focus.

Because NOTHING happens without a leader, the sooner you hitch your wagon to a real leader that can help you achieve your goals, the quicker you will soar!

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– Executive Managing Director at North Dallas/Plano,TX



BIG BOLD YOU, a show that is dedicated to inspiring people to play bigger in your life. On this show, Gens Johnson discuss the issues that you’re dealing with in your daily life, your obstacles and also help you play bigger to become the “BEST VERSION OF YOU”.

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Gens Johnson is for YOU!

Gens Johnson

“Life Re-Imagine Specialist”

Let’s Re-Imagine your life TOGETHER and execute your vision now! You only have one life to live.

Gens Johnson

My Purpose

“ to remind you how incredible you are, help you identify what's holding you back from achieving your dreams and provide you the tools to soar. I don't want to fix you! You have it within you to fix yourself. I'm just going to be your tour guide. “

My Purpose

“ …is to remind you how incredible you are, help you identify what’s holding you back from achieving your dreams and provide you the tools to soar. I don’t want to fix you! You have it within you to fix yourself. I’m just going to be your tour guide. “

Success is doing the right things right, consistently over a long period of time, even when you don’t feel like it. You can never quit!


Do you want to learn how to love your life?

Creating a magical life starts with learning how to make decisions.

In this download, you will learn why it’s so hard to make a decision to live the life you love.

– Executive Managing Director at North Dallas/Plano,TX


Michelle, Somerset, PA

Her continuous ability to motivate me through the ups and downs of my life has been such a blessing.

Max, Fort Worth, TX

Gens serves as my mental note, to stay on ” the high road and go the extra mile on the road.

Jenny, Austin, TX

She gives over and beyond to her clients helping them any way she can.

Denis, Orlando, FL

Gens must be short for Genius, because she is a genius at implementation.

Patty, Dallas, TX

She constantly challenges me to look deep within myself. But the one that stands out was when I came to realize that all my years of education and preparation for a career were all for nothing; that my true calling is in living an authentic life; in being true to myself, not in serving an employer who devalues me.

Molley, Dallas, TX

Gens is REAL. When I heard her speak the first few times, I felt as though I could feel her heart. After spending time with her in a group setting; again I could feel her heart. I have also had the several opportunities to be one on one with Gens, and I was pleased to find that she was the same genuine person.  Personally speaking, I have had trust issues in the past. Too many people have acted their part, then turned around and was someone completely different. Gens is the REAL deal.

Rita, Plano, TX

Oh so many “aha” moments with Gens. One that comes to mind is her showing me that it’s perfectly fine to want the best and always do for me boys but to remember that “I matter”. It is a journey of getting back to doing for myself along with wanting to be better for just me. Woohoo, I am great!

Kristi, Plano, TX

I have never heard Gens complain or mention anything in a way that is negative or self sabotaging. When she speaks of a situation it is to relate to me or another person who is struggling with something similar. What is so amazing is, with me personally she leads me into figuring out the right path for myself.

Alla, Plano, TX

Gens has a winning relentless attitude! She loves people & she’s a people magnet! She works hard and smart and with the highest level of intentionality! She is the most inspirational person! She’s the best problem solver and has a solution to every situation. She’s also the best person to help people achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter what the goal is, she’ll find a way to accomplish it with a step by step action plan. She always offers unbiased advice of what one needs to hear & not what they want to hear, and provides a roadmap, or as I call it “she clears debris from the road’.

Ken Smart, M.D.

I had the honor and privilege of not only sponsoring, but also speaking at Gens Johnson’s Beauty, Brains, & Business event. I have known Gens for over 10 years and when she approached me about the opportunity I jumped at it. I knew if the event beared her name it would be a success and worth my time. The event was a sell-out, full of motivated, successful women looking to gain advice on bettering their lives and careers. In addition to thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to speak to so many women, it was phenomenal exposure for me and my practice. I definitely benefitted from participating in this event, both personally and on a business level, and hopefully was able positively impact those in attendance.