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Sell Youself for Success

Find out how to be MORE SUCCESSFUL in sales! with a Life Coach Gens Johnson and a Guest Speaker Alla Bardov on the show BIG BOLD YOU.

Using Positivity as Strategy in Marriage, Business and Beyond

On this show Gens Johnson and the Guest Dave Johnson talked about using positivity as a strategy in your marriage. As we all know that marriage can be difficult at times and it can be a lot of fun at times.

You Can’t Succeed Alone – You’ve Got to be with the RIGHT People

On this show Gens Johnson discussed on the topic “You Can Not Succeed Alone” with an incredible guest Sherrie Thomas. She is a DESIGNER and CREATIVE GENIOUS!

Get out of your Comfort Zone

In this podcast our program host Gens Johnson a Life Re-imagine Specialist has shared her thoughts on how you can play bigger in your life to be bolder to Get out of your Comfort Zone and become a best version of yourself.

Success After Divorcer

On this latest show of BIG BOLD YOU, the Co host Gens Johnson and A Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist Tisha Smith discussed on the topic “Success After Divorce”. Listen to the show and learn how a confident women Trisha Smith succeed after Divorce!

How to beat Negative Self-talk

In the latest episode of BIG BOLD YOU, Gens Johnson and Kari Bernstein discussed an important topic How is Negative Self Talk impacting your life, and what can you do to change it!.

How to Manage Fear

On this show, Gens Johnson, A Life Coach discussed on the topic How To Manage Fear with a Guest “Brady Brown”. No matter how accomplished you are, sometimes we experience fear. Listen to the podcast and learn how do you overcome fear.