What’s the Hype about Results?

All of us have some goals in life. Some people may want to lose weight, earn more money, get a better job, finding a life partner, setting up a business, building better relationships, and apply for higher studies and so on. Some of the people easily get results while others seem to be stuck and don’t get the desired results.

Focus is the key factor responsible to achieve the desired results in life. Focus means having complete clarity of what you wish to achieve and the results. Before you start, ask yourself three questions: read more…

Blending Friendship and Business

Working with friends in business can be an amazing experience and a real challenge at the same time. Developing business partnership with close friends can be full of complications. It seems logical to start business with a close friend, but many people think that this will ruin their friendship.

Challenges are likely to come along the way while building any relationship and starting a business will put the relationship at risk.  One of the greatest gifts in life is to be surrounded by incredible friends. An even greater gift is to be able to not only play hard with your friends, but also work hard. read more…

Create a Lifetime of Economic Acceleration

The word “Financial Planning” may sound like something only rich people with a lot of money can do. But, it’s not so! You don’t need to be wealthy to have a financial plan. In fact, you won’t create real wealth without a financial plan.

The main goal of financial planning is to create a strategy that will allow you to live the life you want to live now and forever.  A financial plan not only secures a comprehensive approach to deal with your money but it reduces stress, helps you make the most effective money decisions for your current requirements but also helps you secure your long term financial needs. In short, financial planning helps secure stability and adequate balance between the outflow and inflow of your funds every step of your journey.  Now, I don’t about you, but this just makes great sense to me. read more…


Have you ever had times where you put in hours, days, weeks, and even years questioning yourself, feeling on edge, apprehensive, and discouraged? If you answered yes, what you’ve experienced is negative self talk. The negative self talk begins in your brain. You say to yourself untrue things like, “I’m not good enough. I don’t have the talent to succeed. I’m a disappointment.”

As people, we invest so much energy disclosing to ourselves that we’re not good enough and questioning ourselves in a number of ways. We believe that we don’t deserve the things we need to create the life of our dreams. read more…

Sell Yourself for Success

“In life, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling; the product will always be YOU!”

Every day you sell yourself to succeed. You can be more effective and reach a new level of success with a right mindset and by stepping out of your comfort zone.

We are all in sales whatever you do. If you are making money either by selling a product or service, then you end up with building a relationship. People always want to do business with those they know, like and trust. The right way to get to know you is by being real and authentic to be successful in building those relationships.
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