Do you find yourself stuck in the past? Do you regularly regret thinking about the decisions you made in the past? Do you feel that no matter what you do differently, you end up at the same point? You set the same goals again, but are not able to accomplish them? People don’t realize that they create their life by keeping their past with them and recreating it again and again.

We have to realize that there is a reason for the experiences that we’ve gone through and there’s a purpose for them. We all have a past and that past could be the reason many people are not able to overcome it. Each lesson in life makes us stronger. The challenges that we face in our life contributes to the personality that we have today.

What keeps us stuck in the past?

We often evaluate our decisions and the results that come out of them. Everything that we see in our lives at present is the result of our actions in the past. So, if we are not happy or satisfied today, we need to make better choices.

It’s not the past that gives bruises to our heart, but it’s what we took out of it and the meaning we gave it!

It all depends on how we label things, how we take things, positively or negatively! If there’s a snowfall outside, it’s not good or bad, it’s just the way it is! The same method applies to our past, when we think about it, it’s not good or bad. It’s just that the things turned out that way with the consequences and as per our actions.

There may be many mistakes made or many opportunities lost, but those will not return back to you. You need to let go and live and work on what you have in hand presently. The present and future are in your hands to make it beautiful.

Here are 8 steps to leave your past behind and set yourself free:

  1. Give your mistakes, disappointments, failures etc., a name; write them down on a paper. Call them by a name and burn it afterwards. Promise yourself not to repeat them and take this as a new start of your life
  2. Look back at your past mistakes and respect yourself for committing them! It’s because of these mistake you learned a lesson and you are a better person now.
  3. Because of the past mistakes, do not ignore and diminish the achievements you have achieved in life.
  4. Do not let your past to be your life story! Don’t let your life be overshadowed by your mistakes. Leave the past and move on!
  5. Do not ruin your present by thinking about the past. Remember you can make your present and future beautiful!
  6. Never forget the lessons you learned from your past mistakes.
  7. Forgive, as it will help you to move ahead and set you free!
  8. Use your past experiences to help others who are facing the similar situations.

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