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Tune into the BIG BOLD YOU Show when healer and Splankna Therapist, Cathy Kilpatrick, will be discussing how we can overcome depression and anxiety ourselves or help a loved one do the same. We don’t need to suffer. Depression is a symptom, not a diagnosis. Let’s learn how we can make our lives better so we can do more good in the world.

Depression and anxiety are real. Ask anyone that has suffered, or has a loved one that has suffered with these 2 demons, either in the past or currently, and they will be more than happy to discuss with you how real and sad depression and anxiety can be.

Depression and anxiety are symptoms of other things going on that need attention. Life is hard. Always remember, you cannot do life alone. The people that you choose to surround yourself, and your family, will either improve your life or make it worse.

If you or a loved one suffers with depression and anxiety, there are people that can help. Don’t give up. Don’t stop looking for the person that can help you become your best self. They are out there. I promise. Remember, YOU MATTER! You are important! There is only one you! Get working on your best self now.

Stay tune for upcoming shows on every Monday 3 pm CT.

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