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This week on the BIG BOLD YOU Show we’ll be talking to one of my clients, Aaron Jackson, that made a decision to expand his mind. That decision not only expanding his mind and life, but has also started to make a tremendous impact on his son. Tune into the BIG BOLD YOU Show to hear how Aaron, Commercial Real Estate Associate, has made a huge mindset shift and has expanded everything in his life. The amazing thing is – You can too! Let’s make our lives better so we can do more good in the world.

The way you change your life is by changing the way you think. In short, when you expand your mind, you expand your life. Just as Albert Einstein said in the quote above, the problems you have in your life right now, whether big or small (and believe it or not, most problems are really small) came about in your life by the decisions you made. The decisions you make are predicated upon the way you think. IF you think you can achieve or tackle any goal, you WILL! You will look for ways to make it happen. Your brain won’t stop until the right idea, person, resource, job, formula is found. Once you realize your personality is your personal reality is when you begin to take control…because YOU are the one in control.

Remember, YOU MATTER! You are important! There is only one you! Get working on your best self now.

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