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Welcome to BIG BOLD YOU a show dedicated to helping everybody play bigger. In this podcast our program host Gens Johnson a Life Re-imagine Specialist has shared her thoughts on how you can play bigger in your life to be bolder to Get out of your Comfort Zone and become a best version of yourself.

You cannot succeed alone and if you’re out there playing small all by yourself and you’ve got all these things and thoughts going through your head and you don’t know the answers, you don’t know where to find the help then Gens Johnson is for you.

Make a commitment to your development, make a commitment to play bigger and be bolder which means you get to step out of the comfort zones that you’re living in right now.

Become the best version of yourself so you can develop your gifts and talents and bless the world with your greatness so we can all have so much fun and really make a positive impact on this world.

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