Mindfulness is a big topic these days. Basically it’s the practice of living in the moment. Not worrying about yesterday or being fearful of tomorrow. Mindfulness is about being aware of not only how your body is feeling but how your soul is feeling too? Which brings me to the question: How do you feed your soul?

This week on the BIG BOLD YOU show host of ‘Nikky Feeding Souls’ Nikky Phinyawatana, owner of Asian Mint and ENJOYMINT Restaurants spoke about how she feeds her soul and her vision to help inspire others to feed their souls through her new podcast that will highlight various ideas.

Nikky holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Food & Hospitality Pastry Chef Associate Degree from El Centro College. She is a member of Les Dames d’Escoffier International (LDEI), which educates and mentors women in the culinary professions. Nikky is an active board member of the Greater Dallas Restaurant Association (GDRA) and participates in multiple philanthropy causes such as the Medical City Dallas Hospital Kids’ Fit Program and the Save Water Dallas Program.

With her passion to excellence, giving, and food, it’s no surprise Nikky’s restaurants are some of the most sought after restaurants by visitors and tourists. Nikky’s mission of feeding souls is to positively impact as many people as possible by making people aware of the importance of feeding your soul the same way it’s a necessity of life to feed your body. Feeding souls is equally important as feeding our stomach. Just as our body needs food, our souls also need the right nourishment, which many of us neglect.

In this show, we shared how and why it is important for all of our souls to be fed.

To live a happy and stress free life, giving the right nourishment to your soul is just as important!

Below are some things you can do to cherish your soul:

1. Start from Your Heart: Whatever you do outside your job, do it with the right intentions and with a good heart. Try helping people genuinely without having any selfish motive of monetary gain or recognition or rewards.

2. Be Thankful: It is very easy whipping on things that we want, but forget to focus on what we have. Be thankful for whatever you have in life. This applies to family, friends, health, and many other things which we do not value.

3. Start Connecting With People: Meet your neighbors, talk to you colleagues, say hi to people you meet in the community, whether it’s the grocery store, mall, or post office. Smile, say, “Good morning.” Genuinely listen and have an interest in people’s lives. Leave every person you encounter better. Leave each encounter in love. You have no idea what is going on behind the smile. This is one way you can actually making a difference in their lives.

4. Start Your Day Right: Instead of reaching out to your phone as soon as you wake up, be thankful to God for another beautiful day of life. Practice meditation, yoga or read from a good book.

5. Write a Thank You Note: “Thank You’s” are powerful in anybody’s life. Write a short thank you note when someone does something for you instead of just verbally telling them.

6. Start With One Person: To change the lives of 7.53 billion people, you need to start with one. Start with a phone call, a thank you, express your love for them, and make them feel they are important, keep the aim to make a difference, then move on to the next person.

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