How many times have you started on your journey to success, whether it’s a personal, professional or philanthropic endeavor and you get derailed, distracted, or even worse, you stop all together?

For most people this is where you live!  You have great intentions, you start something, you get going, but you just don’t end up where you want to be.  All those dreams you have keep getting pushed further and further away, to the point where you’re not even sure you can achieve them.

There are 3 things I teach people all the time:

  1. You can’t grow unless you’re in an environment of love
  2. You are the sum of the 5 people you associate with the most and
  3. You cannot succeed alone

Join an existing Live Mastermind Group or you bring the people and I will lead.

You will receive:

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Monthly Rotating Workout Partners
  • Live Group Coaching “Deep Dives Intensives” (4 hours+)
  • Monthly Homework Designed to help you Create the Life of Your Dreams
  • Monthly Book Reading
  • Opportunity to Participate and Receive “On-Hand’s” Training with an Annual LIVE EVENT to gain experience, promote your business/brand, and collaborate with other professionals
  • Participation in Philanthropic Endeavors.  In 2018-2019 we are partnered with the Nancy Lieberman Charities – (Click here for more information) –
  • Instant Support, Guidance and Access to Gens

Must make a 6 Month Commitment for the first “TRIAL” session.  12 Month Commitment required for all subsequent sessions.

Payment Option #1:  In Full $2000

Payment Option #2:   3 Payments of $725

Payment Option #3:   4 Payments of $565


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Imagine being surrounded by incredible, like minded individuals that are 100% committed to your success in every aspect of your life. What would happen if the people around you REFUSED to let you fail?

In my 25 years of helping people achieve success one thing I’ve learned is – To achieve success quicker AND to maintain continual growth – it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to have a support system. The most successful people in history participate in a Mastermind Group. This is called a CLUE! WHY NOT YOU?

If this sounds great to you – Just wait till you experience it.