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Success happens in action. “Playing Big” in life means you’re working and collaborating with other people. Whether you’re a successful executive or entrepreneur ready to take your life to the next level or you’re a dreamer just starting to REALLY dream so you can create your magical life, you are a perfect candidate for my exclusive VIP PRIVATE COACHING program!

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Benefits of Private Coaching with Gens Johnson

Get on the Fast track and build a successful business by taking Consultation from Gens Johnson

Teaching individuals how to MASTER the WINNING MINDSET so they can WIN real results.

Design and Create a Life of your Dream

About GensJohnson


Helping people achieve REAL RESULTS is my passion! In my 25 years of developing people into BETTER versions of themselves, I’ve encountered a few central themes

  • A desire to achieve but a lack of consistency with actions/efforts 
  • A desire to achieve but a tremendous amount of fear to proceed 
  • A desire to achieve but a lack of knowledge of how to identify and tackle their next, best move