How to REALLY SUCCEED with your New Year’s Resolutions

NEW YEAR! NEW YOU! How many times have you heard that statement at the beginning of each year? I sincerely can’t count how many times I’ve heard this statement. I also can’t count how many times I’ve personally said this statement myself.  The New Year is a time for new beginnings, a time to start fresh, a time to draw a line in the sand where you’re going to leave old, bad habits behind and start doing new, good habits that will lead you to success and happiness. Right?


To be honest I love the beginning of everything. I love Sunday for all the obvious reasons, but also because it’s the first day of the week.  I love the first day of every month.  I love the first day of school, the first day of winter, the first day of summer, etc… I love new beginnings!  The exciting thing about new beginnings is we can have a new beginning ANY time we decide to make a new beginning.  We don’t have to wait for the beginning of the year.


The statistics on New Year’s resolutions are not that promising anyway.  Depending on the source you reference, to make you feel better or worse, only about 50% of adults in North America make New Year’s resolutions.  Out of that 50% of people who do make resolutions, 40% of those people will fail on their attempt in (get this) their first thirty days. I could continue to bore you or scare you with the remaining statistics but I think it’s safe to say, instead of focusing on New Year resolutions, let’s focus on making a BETTER YOU any time of year!


Have you ever heard the question: “How do you eat an elephant?”  (This is one of my favorites)… Here comes the answer… it’s such a simple concept…The Answer:  “One bite at a time.”  We can’t go from one extreme in our lives to another extreme immediately; change, growth, and success take time.  Conceptually I think we all know and understand this fact.  Don’t you?  Then why do so many of us that are smart, educated, well meaning, incredible people, act differently when applied to our own personal lives?


If it took you 10 years to get out of shape why do you expect to get back in shape in a month?  (Okay maybe you’re expecting 3 months to achieve this goal). Neither time length is realistic and deep down in your gut I’m pretty sure you know it.  If it took you 2-10 years to get in the financial mess you’re in, why do you expect to get out of your financial debacle in 6 months?


The issue is… drum roll… The way we think.  To succeed in life, in any aspect of our lives, we MUST have the RIGHT MINDSET!  We have to have realistic expectations.  To have the right mindset and realistic expectations we have to let go of self deception.  Now, I realize being honest with ourselves is probably one of the hardest struggles we face in life, but it’s a fight we HAVE TO WIN if we want to succeed.  We have to learn to be honest with ourselves.  We have to learn to place the responsibility of our lives on the right person… which is us.


Let me give you an example of what I’m referring to.   I’m picking the top New Year’s resolution – losing weight.  I have five children.  Three of those children are my biological children; two of those children are bonus babies.  As young children, four of the five could eat whatever they wanted and stay at a healthy body weight.  The lone ranger child could look at food and gain weight or at least that’s what it seemed like to him.   Of all five children, our little lone ranger, was the least physically active.  Hmm…


One day my sweet, loving, precious lone ranger son came home from school upset.  As I had him sit down and tell me what was wrong he started to cry.  He shared his struggle of being made fun of at school because of his weight.  He continued to cry and told me his four siblings made fun of him because of his weight as well.  The tears kept rolling and the stories kept coming.  He kept saying to me, “It’s not fair! It’s not fair! It’s not fair!”  I let him go on until he calmed down a bit and then I asked him, “When do you want to do something about this issue to make it better?”  He snapped back, fairly quickly, “I can’t control what people say to me!” Of course I agreed, none of us can control what people say to us but we can control what we do AND what we say to ourselves.


I quickly instructed him to go put on his tennis shoes because we were going for a run.  Now obviously, that was not what he wanted to hear, but that was the day we DID something different about his situation to make it better. I told him the only person responsible for him being overweight was him.  I couldn’t guarantee what people would say to him but he could guarantee what he did through his actions to ensure he wasn’t overweight.  That first run was not a good run.  It wasn’t a fun run but it was exactly what he needed to do.


Now I could have told him how mean the kids were being to him and agreed it wasn’t right that the kids were calling him names… both things I believed to be true… I could have continued to listen to him think about those hurtful things and talk about those hurtful things… but at the end of the day I had to teach him to be accountable for himself.  We can’t control what people are going to say to us but we can control what we think, what we do, and we can learn to be honest with ourselves and take responsibility of our lives and make the necessary changes.



I have two mantras for the New Year:

  • Play Bigger – This means whatever you’re doing – You can, and actually have a responsibility, to DO BIGGER!
  • Come ready to RECEIVE and you’ll leave ready to ACHIEVE!



This Year – I am going to dig deeper into all the points mentioned in this blog:

  • You can draw a line in the sand ANY time you’re ready to make your life magical.
  • Realize REAL change takes time, effort, and commitment.
  • We are 100% in control of our lives and 100% responsible for our own success, happiness, and health.
  • We have a responsibility to teach our children proper principles.
  • We can’t blame or control other people.
  • Success happens when we are in action.
  • We must learn to be honest with ourselves if we want to be successful and happy.
  • Doing the right thing isn’t always the most fun thing to do at the beginning.
  • When we truly make a decision to change – ACTIONS follow.
  • It’s ALL ABOUT MINDSET! What we think will determine EVERYTHING in our lives!



My wish for you this year is that you decide to become a BETTER YOU!  That you will Play Bigger and show up in life ready to RECEIVE, so you can leave ready to ACHIEVE! (I will help you along your journey).


Becoming a BETTER YOU can happen ANY time you are READY.  You just have to take that first step.  When you’re ready, you’ll know!  Instead of thinking and talking about your problems, you’ll start DOING things to make a positive change.  Action happens when you DECIDE to win instead of just thinking about winning!


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