Stay On Track

One thing I realize when I meet most people who are working towards creating a life they love, whether it’s creating financial stability in their life, up leveling their career, searching for their calling, finding more balance in their life to spend time with their family making memories, traveling or becoming more fulfilled – the majority of them, don’t have a 12 month plan made in advance they are working on that is getting them closer to their goals.

This breaks my heart for a couple reasons.

 #1 – They’re amazing people with beautiful gifts and talents that deserve to create a magical life and bless this world with their greatness. The world actually needs their greatness in a big way. People are waiting to receive their greatness.

#2 – I know to achieve and succeed you have to stop and make a plan. You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants. You have to focus on the right things so you can do the right things to succeed.

What’s the difference between someone that makes $3K/month and someone that makes $30K/month? The person making $30K/month is focusing (and doing )the right things. Focusing on the right things has to be part of your plan, but here’s the issue, MOST people don’t even have a plan.

Think of this: If you were a coach of a football team, would you go to your game without a game plan?


Heck no. Why? Because as a football coach, who wants to win, you would never go to a game ill prepared. That would be crazy to think you’re going to show up to the game with your players and just wing it. First of all, you know that’s not how you’re going to win. Secondly, you wouldn’t do that to your players and lastly, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself.

So, here’s my question – Why are you showing up to your life without a game plan?

When I ask people that question here are the most common answers:

1. I don’t stop and make the time.
2. I don’t know how.
3. I never really thought of it that way. I guess I do need a game plan.

I can’t diagnose every person’s problems in one minute with 1 question but I can make a substantial positive impact on a person’s life and help get them going in the right direction with this one question:

Do you have a written 12 month effective plan for your life and/or business?

If the answer is no – Not only can I help you, I WANT to HELP YOU but you got to be ready to try.

If the answer is yes – Do you have the discipline and consistency to stay on track by yourself? This is the second issue I see people struggling with all the time, staying on track with their plan. Why is it so hard…ready for the answer? Because it is, it is by design that we can’t succeed alone.

Success, life, and football are ALL TEAM SPORTS.


So…you ready to have me on your life team? YES! I heard you say it. I felt you say it and I said YES too, so let’s get started. My Stay on Track Program is the perfect place to start.

I designed this Stay on Track Program after 25 years of working and leading people through this game called life.

We start with a Deep Dive Intensive – 4 Hours of VIP Laser Coaching to identify and create a strategic plan that is congruent with whom you are as a person. Remember, we want you focusing on the right things that align with your gifts and talents. True alignment is part of the secret sauce to succeeding faster.

Then we’ll guide and teach you how to make smart goals. – Once a month you will have a 1-1 Coaching Session to create a monthly plan to keep you headed in the right direction.

Every Sunday you’ll get “Game Day” ready for the week by sending us your weekly plan and jumping on a Group “Stay on Track” call to present your weekly plan, ask question, brainstorm, so you can “Stay on Track” and when necessary, and this is going to happen, get you back on track.

This program of consistency, commitment, and care starts with a 6 month trial. Once you experience what discipline, structure and working off a game plan with the right life team can do for you, you can decide to kick the extra point or go for 2.


You will receive:

  • 4 Hour Deep Dive Intensive
  • Laser Coaching with Gens, Award Winning Transformational Leader and Dave, CEO of 100 million dollar company and Strategic Leader
  • One 1-1 Coaching Session per Month
  • Weekly Stay on Track Group Coaching Calls
  • Access to Gens and Dave for Planning Needs


Must make a 6 Month Commitment for the first “TRIAL” session.  12 Month Commitment required for all subsequent sessions.

Fee:  $4,000/6 months

Payment Option #1:  $4,000 Paid in Full

Payment Option #2:   3 Payments of $1,400

Payment Option #3:   4 Payments of $1,125


Have some Queries/Concerns!!!  Schedule a free 30-minute session with Gens



Imagine being surrounded by incredible, like minded individuals that are 100% committed to your success in every aspect of your life. What would happen if the people around you REFUSED to let you fail?

In my 25 years of helping people achieve success one thing I’ve learned is – To achieve success quicker AND to maintain continual growth – it is VITALLY IMPORTANT to have a support system. The most successful people in history participate in a Mastermind Group. This is called a CLUE! WHY NOT YOU?

If this sounds great to you – Just wait till you experience it.