Gens Johnson is a Master at what she does. She inspires and leads people for the greater good. Whether it’s one on one or in a group, I have experienced many people getting real life changing results. I coach one on one with her and I’m part of a mastermind she facilitates and have seen her in action with many people over the past few years. Gens Johnson truly loves and cares about people. She will work tirelessly with you and for you. I know this from my own experience and the transformation I have made myself both personally and professionally. I’m excited to continue on my journey and be part of her incredible journey as well as those of my mastermind sisters.

-Kristi (Plano, TX)


My experience with Gens has been one that I know will continue to grow as we go thru this journey of life. The minute I met Gens, light illuminated from her and through her. The boldness that she carries is one that many only wish they can acquire, and with her Big Bold Heart Of Gold, she is able to help so many lives receive just that. I would recommend you to experience what this woman has to offer. God only created one like her, and she keeps her responsibilities as a woman, coach, business owner and friend in line with her true calling and mission to help others. Don’t wait another minute to connect with this awesome woman of God, God Bless.

-Pastor Paul (Euless, TX)


Gens is the real deal. When I first met and got to know her and the work she is doing I thought “this is too good to be true”, but I kept listening, watching and getting involved in the positive and world-changing things she includes me in and have grown personally and professionally. I recommend Gens as a coach and MasterMind leader without reservation.

-Betsy Brush Hahn (Tyler, TX)


Gens is truly amazing! She has been such a fabulous business coach, we have seen so much growth within our company since we started working with Gens. Her positive energy and passion for helping others in contagious. She always makes us feel recharged and motivated to go out and smash our goals. I cannot imagine not having this fabulous woman in my life! Thanks Gens for all the greatness you bring!

-Jennie (Dallas, TX)


I absolutely love everything about Gens Johnson, when I first met her I knew she was a go-getter gal and leader not only in her field but in life, today I get to call her one of my confidants and colleagues. I highly recommend Gens, whether is watching her shows or working privately with her, she is a true leader and represents what a high performance women can achieve!

-Roe Couture DeSaro, CEO & Founder, Gutsy Gals Get More


Gens is a sure thing to inspire action for individuals and groups. Her passion and love for people is combined with quality messaging that is simple, real and actionable.

-Dave (Lewisville, TX)


Gens Johnson provides expert personal and business development coaching. I have been a client of hers, and have applied her strategies to success. Thank you, Gens, for your leadership and guidance!

-Robin (Carrollton, TX)


Gens is a true authentic inspiration to me. Her giving heart is as big as the State of Texas! She leads with her heart and is always looking for ways to lift people up to live the life they dream. Gens helped position me with a board position with eWomen to open doors I could only imagine. She creates a community of support that transforms mindsets and helps you realize possibilities. Gens is contagious and has lifted me up and changed my life. I love her fun, energized and super-charged spirit!

-Diane (Plano, TX)


Gens has quite honestly transformed my life. She saw talent and abilities in me that I wasn’t sure I had. With her encouragement, and honestly, her love, she has given me the confidence to strike out in a bold direction. Her coaching, which never chastises you when you fail, has me making plans, setting goals, and fulfilling dreams. Re-imagine specialist? Indeed she is! I love Gens and am deeply grateful for her mark on my life.

-Cara (Denton, TX)


As if her beautiful smile weren’t enough to draw you in, Gens’s magnetic personality resonates through every movement and every word. She is smart, funny, practical and effective! If you are trying to figure out your business, or your life, don’t continue doing it alone. Gens will give you confidence while giving you an actionable plan that will show your growth in every area. Best of all, she will be with you every step to encourage and hold you accountable. Gens is awesome!

-Melisa (Frisco, TX)


Gens Johnson is one of the most selfless people I have ever met! Gens feels she was put on this earth to help people better themselves. She works hard to connect with you no matter where you come from. She helps you set goals, gain confidence and push you to be the best you can be. She shows you that nothing is impossible and with hard you can make whatever you want to happen. I have never been made to feel I don’t belong with Gens. She has always accepted me with open arms when I didn’t think I was worthy to be a part of the type of programs or be around the amazing people she associates with. Thank you Gens for all you have done for me so far and I can’t wait to see how much better I can be in a year from now! Gens you have big things in your future and I can’t wait for the world to meet you!

-Ashley (Mckinney, TX)


Gens is absolutely incredible! She is such an inspiration, I have enjoyed working with her and am looking forward to leading my best self!

-Camille (Ft Worth, TX)


Gens is AMAZING! So inspirational. She has a magnetic and charming personality and truly cares about helping people be all that they can be. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

-Stephanie (Frisco, TX)


I’ve known and admired Gens Johnson for several years. I have been in the audience many times while she has trained and motivated people to become the best versions of themselves. She has motivated me to do more and be more.

After watching Gens from a distant transform many people’s live, I decided it was time for me to become one of those people. Last April I attended her Beauty, Brains and Business Event and immediately afterwards joined her Mastermind. She has help me see blocks that were in my way. Gens has provided me direction, guidance, and resources to create the life I want to live. She has become a trusted mentor, coach, consultant and friend. More than anything Gens has blessed my life and made me believe I can win and succeed. Gens truly brings value and inspiration to every life she touches. I highly recommend going to one of her events and joining her Mastermind.

-Danielle (Roanoke, TX)


Gens Johnson is not only an outstanding Coach but an outstanding person as a whole! Working with Gens I have more clarity from my 6+ years in my business and where I am going and what my goals are for 2019!

-Amanda (Dallas, TX)


Gens is one of the most successful, organized and smartest women I know. She inspires everyone she meets to achieve their personal and business goals with ease and with fun. Her energy and happiness are contagious. Gens has a gift of helping people create opportunities to excel and develop the consistency to do it. I’ve seen her change people’s lives, like I’ve never seen before. She truly is a gift to any one she meets and she genuinely loves helping others become the best version of themselves.

-Karen Liszt


I highly recommend Gens Johnson if you are looking for a Business Consultant or Life Coach. Gens was referred to me in 2016 by a friend who was part of her Mastermind Group. The transformation in my friend’s life from her improved financial well being, increased self-confidence, repaired marriage, and so much more, led me to join Gens’s Mastermind. After 2 years as a Mastermind Member I have experienced the same joys and gains in my life as well. Success does not happen alone. If you are stuck in a place that you know you do not belong, you deserve a great Coach who can help you develop yourself and discover new passions for your life. You will be glad you did! My life has been blessed in so many ways.

-Ronnie Rohde


Sometimes because of our busy lives or lack of confidence, we miss opportunities God sets before us to advance our calling/callings, let purpose pass or stifle our success. Me? I didn’t believe in my potential although I had such a great desire to give more, live more and just be more. Once I recognized situations were not coincidences and desires truly can turn a dream into reality, I used those opportunities as stepping stones to my success and the success of others. Through that process my “non-belief barrier” broke and the flow of the stream of success was released! This all began with someone who believed in me and my potential; that person was Gens Johnson.

When I first heard Gens speak at a company event, I knew there was something special she had and I wanted (besides the toned arms she has! Ha!). Then, I learned of webinars she was hosting about business and growth as individuals and I plugged in. As time went on, I could tell I was changing.

The “about face” change in me came after a “one on one” coaching with Gens. Immediately, at the intro I could tell she genuinely cared. Hmmm… Gens could be short for “genuine” because that she certainly is! Even as a grandmother, I felt I still had a purpose to fulfill and a calling to complete, I just didn’t have the confidence to move forward. Gens inspired me to believe again and to embrace change and let it take me to where I belonged as an author, speaker, and entrepreneur and wherever God placed me for moments in time that would develop into lifetime callings.

Without letting go of “self-sufficiency” and trying to work alone, my life would not be as rich as it is today; not monetary richness which is to come, but fulfillment richness! So, now when I know my heart is saying, “Go!” I’m there! From having the “let go and live” mindset I have learned and benefited from the importance of networking and I knew Gens was the leader I was to follow. The next stepping stone for me was attending her Beauty, Brains and Business. It was at this event where I learned to dig deeper and found where the level of my passion was and what was keeping it from growing. By utilizing the tools given at this event, weeds were pulled and my purpose could breathe again and begin to grow.

One of my desires that became a reality was while I was at Beauty, Brains and Business! I had purchased a VIP ticket because the value that came with it far outweighed the cost even if your name was not drawn for the free makeover. Well, my name was drawn for the free makeover! Shock came first because I never win (but, remember, it was a desire long ago I was starting to believe in), next was pure overwhelming joy! The day of this amazing makeover, I had an entourage that consisted of a fashion stylist, make-up artist and hair stylist, and a photographer. Of course, Gens was there with lots of goodies specifically selected with purpose in the delivery of what each gift meant. She was also there encouraging and directing in making it the best it could be! This passionate, professional and golden hearted team have become dear friends of mine because that’s who they are; a friend to all. That day, yes, I loved how this amazing golden team made me look so beautiful! But, more than that, there was a transformation within that no person, age or wrinkle can change or take away; the beauty, the belief inside! It was a transformation within, a cleansing, and clarity in who I am and where I am going. It is with me forever!

Gens Johnson has guided me on how to put feet to my purpose. Since meeting her and applying her principles I work more efficiently and effectively, have made valuable connections and I’m having a blast doing it! This year I will have two books to launch; one in the Spring and one in the Fall! I have had speaking engagements and more scheduled, plus my home business has flourished! My approach to life is no longer, “I’m older now and this is just the way it will be. No more dreaming. Settle for mediocre and be happy.” I now look at life and in a joyful confidence say, “What’s next?”

Thank you, Gens for believing, supporting and bringing out the best in me! I am forever grateful!

-Kathy Fogarty


The great thing about working with Gens and being in the mastermind is having the support of a group of people who are truly invested in your success and your growth.  The energy from the group supports and pushes you to become an even better version of yourself and do things that you may have thought were lost forever. 

Because of this support I reconnected with my passion and love for singing and performing.  After not having sung for almost a decade I had lost my confidence, told myself I was too old and that ship had sailed.  All the things you tell yourself that hold you back from going for your dreams. Since becoming part of Gens’s mastermind I am now pursuing a career in music, following my heart and my passion and loving every minute of it!  I’m not letting money, time, age or anything else stop me. I am supported by everyone in the mastermind. 

After receiving the love and support from the mastermind it has helped me surround myself with loving, positive and like minded people in all areas of my life. I am intentional with everything I do and everyone I associate with.  I feel and look better than I ever have and I am happier and more fulfilled than I have ever been. I am still and always will be a work in progress!  I am so grateful for Gens, her wisdom, guidance love and support which means the world to me. 

Gens truly loves people.  She is honest and has the utmost integrity with everything she says and does. Gens has many talents and gifts.  She is extremely motivating and inspiring but most importantly Gens can move people into action.  She’s not about fluff, puff and feel good but about motivating, inspiring and moving people into action!  She’s the hardest working person I know and goes above and beyond with all that she does.
-Kristi, Plano, TX


I was at a cross roads in my life when I joined Gens Johnson’s Mastermind. I was unhappy and felt lost. I knew I wasn’t in a good place in my life or fulfilled but I really didn’t know what to do about it, how to change it or how to make it better.

Gens invited me to join the Mastermind group last May. I didn’t know exactly what to expect but when Gens gives you a “special” invitation to something, you just say yes. I’m finding that whatever she recommends is amazing and the Mastermind has been the most amazing thing I’ve ever done!

Immediately I was wrapped up in arms of love by Gens and the group. I found myself purging pain, grief, regret, fear, and doubt and replacing it with hope, love, gratitude and happiness. I instantly had a support group of likeminded women to help cheer me on and give me ideas along with encouragement.

We read a book every month and while I typically like to ready fiction, I’m reading personal development books and loving it! We have a weekly call, monthly workout partners, home work that I love doing (who would have thought in my 50’s I would love home work but I do), a monthly live deep and help put on an annual event.
Prior to starting the Mastermind I had a low self worth. I cried often and I dreaded the future. Now I don’t hardly cry ever, unless it’s tears of joy or from laughing too hard. I am thankful for so many things, all things actually. Now, with more friends than ever that love and care for one another, the words cannot ever express the love, respect and gratitude I have for Gens and her asking me to join the group. I look forward to the next chapters of all of our Mastermind Sister’s lives.
 -Camille, Ft. Worth


I’ve known Gens Johnson for over 5 years and have witnessed her transform many people’s lives.  About 2 years ago I hired her as my personal coach.  Her specialty is “Success Mindset”.  Before working with Gens I had no idea that my lack of achievements was my own way of thinking.  Once I began intensively working one on one with Gens the real magic started to happen.  She started digging deep inside me and helped me uncover my passion that I had given up on, which is singing.

She helped me steadily increase my business income, begin pursuing my musical career, and has taught me how to create a life on my terms, setting goals on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual and 5 year basis.  Prior to working with Gens I was always a fly by the seat of my pants type of person and what I thought possible was very small. 

I have definitely shifted my mindset. I have a winning mindset and my money mindset has shifted tremendously too!  I always thought I had a positive attitude before but I did not have a winning mindset.  My mindset now is a can do, how can I make this happen, yes let’s do it now!  Wow, what a difference my life is now from 2 years ago. I’m making more money than I ever have in my life.  I’m happier than I ever have been in my life and I’m trying out for the TV Show, “The Voice”.  None of these things would have been possible had I not started working with Gens.  I will never stop working one on one with her.  She has completely transformed my life!  Her genuine love, commitment, encouragement, and knowledge is like nothing I have ever experienced.
 -Kristi, Dallas, TX


It is always fantastic to work with Gens Johnson in any capacity in business and in friendship. Gens is an inspiring leader with such amazing vision with a principle-centered focus and execution. She is a living example of personal greatness, leadership greatness and organizational greatness with vision, mission and values.
When you work with Gens, she naturally calls out your greatness. Great leaders inspire others to move forward in their greatness. Gens is that kind of leader.
-Mary S. McMahon, CFP®, RICP®


Gens radiates positive energy, connects with every person in the room, and will boost the energy of all attendees. If you want to have that great feeling inside, you’ve got to hear Gens speak! She has a way of uplifting people, as well as motivating and making everyone in the room feel empowered. Gens’s smile is contagious and brings happiness and joy to all those around her. I’ve been fortunate to experience Gens while working with her one on one, in group settings and we have traveled together domestically and internationally as she trained, inspired and shared her wisdom and knowledge. In very situation  she effortlessly connects with people, speaks from her heart and delivers her messages in the most efficient way. Gens has an incredible ability touch EVERY person. People love her, follower her and leave every event with a greater belief in themselves.  As a corporate professional for over 25 years I have heard many people speak and train, Gens is the best I’ve ever seen.
-Alla Bardov


I began working with Gens Johnson one-on-one after being referred to her by a good friend and fellow colleague.  I will admit I’ve worked with coaches before but never really felt as if I received much value.  Consequently, I was a little reluctantly to “try” to work with a coach again.  My friend continued to persist I “HAD” to meet Gens.  I am forever grateful that I did meet Gens. 

Initially I had my mind set on one thing I wanted her to help me master.  After 3 months working with Gens she had not only earned my trust, she earned my respect and admiration.  From the beginning I knew there was something very different and special about her.  Gens sincerely loves you as a person and wants to help you achieve real results.  She has helped me start to investigate what my true passion is and what my real gifts and talents are that are unique to me.  Gens has been instrumental in helping me brand myself and create a virtual footprint.  She cares just as much about me being personally happy as professionally successful, and she DOES want you to be financially successful.

Since working with Gens I have become more committed to achieving my divine calling.  I know I am meant for much more than being a mother, wife, and successful business professional.  I know with Gens’s help and commitment I will leave a great legacy on this earth. 
-Kari, Dallas, TX


I’ve known Gens Johnson for about 7 years.  What I’ve witnessed is genuinely great person that has people flock to her.  Gens has a charisma and genuine love for people like no one else I’ve been around.  I’ve admired how she interacts and attracts people to her from the day I met her.  After watching her help change countless people’s lives, about 6 months ago I approached her to ask if she would be willing to start coaching me.  When she said yes, I had no idea what I was really getting into with her.  I just knew I wanted her to teach me to do what she does. 

What I’ve experienced with Gens is a tremendous amount of love, knowledge, patience, understanding, and encouragement.  I’ve grown to love her even more than I did in the past.  She is teaching me how to set goals, manage my time, stay consistent, and has connected me with a phenomenal network.  Her emphasis on personal development through reading and actions has totally shot me to another level.  I highly recommend anyone that is sincerely ready to take their life to the next level to work with Gens one on one.  It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
-Shannon, Plano, TX


I am a business owner who believes strongly in investing in my leadership team as I know that is an investment in all my employees as well as my business.  Consequently, I strive to pick only the best people to come train my group.  Gens Johnson came highly recommended to me so I had her come speak to my leadership team.  Not only did she motivate the entire group, she helped get their mindset ready to soar and brought out the best in everyone.  What transpired afterwards was an extremely effective brainstorm session and individual and collective commitment from our team that ushered in our new year with a bang.  We were thrilled with our experience. 
-Nikky, Dallas, TX


I asked Gens Johnson to speak to my leadership team to help promote a more committed culture.  Not only did her speaking truly inspire each one of my leaders, they individually felt as if she was speaking to them one on one.  Gens provided information, ideas, encouragement, and hope as well as made them feel like they could accomplish anything! 

There is so much depth to Gens.  She has a wealth of knowledge that overflows when she speaks and people want to listen.  Our leadership team, together now, is accomplishing so much after our time with her.  We have been uplifted and given inspiration to be able to push through anything!  She gave us tools and equipped us to conquer whatever comes our way!  Gens is an incredible leader, speaker, trainer, mentor, and coach.  She is a unique find.  We have been blessed to have her in our lives. 
-Heather, Frisco, TX


Gens is very professional, yet very personal. Her compassion for others shows through with every word she speaks and you can feel her heart reaching out to every person in the room. Gens’s ability to connect at every level is refreshing. When you add knowledge and personal compassion to anything of value you will always have a winning combination and Gens Johnson gives you the tools you need to succeed in both business and life.
-Gary, Waxahachie, TX


Ever since meeting Gens Johnson in February of 2013 she has inspired me. She leads and coaches by example. She does not ask anyone to do what she doesn’t do herself. I am motivated by her hard work and integrity. She always keeps her word! She has inspired me through her constant dedication to help others be the best they can be. She is always encouraging and will push you to do your best and even exceed what you yourself think you can do. Gens is very intelligent and hardworking and those are two qualities I love about her!
-Kimberly, Edmond, OK


The first time I met Gens Johnson was at a presentation she was conducting for my business. She made me and everyone in the room feel so welcome and comfortable.  She inspired me to strive for more for myself, to help everyone around me, and to fulfill my destiny. I left that event knowing that I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  Since then, I have heard Gens speak at numerous events and trainings. Her leadership, passion for her work and love of life always shine through and never fail to lift my spirits. Her deep insight into life and her “fresh” and funny way of telling a story has inspired me to go out into the world, enjoy life to the fullest and fulfill my destiny by helping others.

Great leaders inspire others to be great leaders and that is exactly what Gens Johnson has done for me. I am eternally grateful to Gens for this transformation and her vibrant loving “people energy” and a strong passion for living life LARGE.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with her.
-Doug, Dallas, TX


Gens inspires me daily. She is the true definition of paying it forward and adding value to people’s lives. I have learned a lot from Gens by watching her work hard coaching other people to help their dreams come true. She is an inspiration!
-Romby, Frisco, TX

I have known Gens Johnson for 14 years. She has a remarkable talent for leading, coaching and developing people. She not only is dedicated to her own success in life but is also just as dedicated to help other people succeed in life as well. Gens takes her coaching, leading, and speaking very seriously and is very passionate about helping people achieve their best. Her ultimate goal is getting results. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Gens and sincerely believe that she brings her unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to everyone she meets. I love Gens and her passion, great leadership and most of all, for her sincere love for helping people!
-Janice, Gozales, TX

Gens Johnson is full of heart for others and extremely sincere about her intentions to help people succeed.  As a successful business man, Gens serves as my mental note, to stay on “the high road and go the extra mile on the road.”  In life there are barriers to each of these roads and having Gens give me a helping hand clears the barriers for me. When working with Gens she is very accessible and flexible. She has a very positive and pleasant way with everyone she encounters.  Her genuine love for people makes everyone feel at ease whether Gens is giving a presentation, training, coaching, leading or is in a personal setting. I highly recommend working with Gens on any level. You will not be disappointed.
-Max, Ft. Worth, TX

I have worked with Gens Johnson for over two years. She has been an incredible inspiration to me.  Her continuous ability to motivate me through the ups and downs of my life has been such a blessing. Gens is selfless, genuine, and all of the other qualities that derive a great leader. I look forward to many more years of direction from Gens and highly recommend working with her.
-Michelle, Hooversville, PA

Sometimes in this world you meet that rare type of person that makes a difference in your life. They fill the room and the world with a genuine heart and a helping hand. That is Gens Johnson. She constantly inspires me to do my best. She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and I can feel her sincere love me every time we meet.
-Lorraine, Carrollton, TX

Gens Johnson is one of the most inspirational people I know.  She is consistent, a hard worker, and determined to do her very best with everyone she works with and everything she does.  She gives over and beyond to her clients helping them any way she can.  She is always looking at the positive side in every situation and inspires others to do the same.  She gives 110% all the time and loves people!!! She will motivate you and encourage you to do your best. She invests her time in you because she wants the best for you.  She is the real deal!!!
-Jenny, Austin, TX

I just want to take a few minutes to tell the world how very blessed I feel to have Gens Johnson a part of my life. I have worked in many types of industries and have worked with many types of professionals but I have never experienced the support, the love, the training and the success that I’ve had since being associated with Gens. Anyone would be absolutely so blessed to have Gens as a coach or a speaker. She is a true blessing and has a true gift for helping those around her succeed and believe in themselves. I have never seen anything like it before.
-Kathy, Frisco, TX