It is always fantastic to work with Gens Johnson in any capacity in business and in friendship. Gens is an inspiring leader with such amazing vision with a principle-centered focus and execution. She is a living example of personal greatness, leadership greatness and organizational greatness with vision, mission and values.
When you work with Gens, she naturally calls out your greatness. Great leaders inspire others to move forward in their greatness. Gens is that kind of leader.
-Mary S. McMahon, CFP®, RICP®


Gens is very professional, yet very personal. Her compassion for others shows through with every word she speaks and you can feel her heart reaching out to every person in the room. Gens’s ability to connect at every level is refreshing. When you add knowledge and personal compassion to anything of value you will always have a winning combination and Gens Johnson gives you the tools you need to succeed in both business and life.
-Gary, Waxahachie, TX


Ever since meeting Gens Johnson in February of 2013 she has inspired me. She leads and coaches by example. She does not ask anyone to do what she doesn’t do herself. I am motivated by her hard work and integrity. She always keeps her word! She has inspired me through her constant dedication to help others be the best they can be. She is always encouraging and will push you to do your best and even exceed what you yourself think you can do. Gens is very intelligent and hardworking and those are two qualities I love about her!
-Kimberly, Edmond, OK


The first time I met Gens Johnson was at a presentation she was conducting for my business. She made me and everyone in the room feel so welcome and comfortable.  She inspired me to strive for more for myself, to help everyone around me, and to fulfill my destiny. I left that event knowing that I was in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  Since then, I have heard Gens speak at numerous events and trainings. Her leadership, passion for her work and love of life always shine through and never fail to lift my spirits. Her deep insight into life and her “fresh” and funny way of telling a story has inspired me to go out into the world, enjoy life to the fullest and fulfill my destiny by helping others.

Great leaders inspire others to be great leaders and that is exactly what Gens Johnson has done for me. I am eternally grateful to Gens for this transformation and her vibrant loving “people energy” and a strong passion for living life LARGE.  I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to know and work with her.
-Doug, Dallas, TX


Gens inspires me daily. She is the true definition of paying it forward and adding value to people’s lives. I have learned a lot from Gens by watching her work hard coaching other people to help their dreams come true. She is an inspiration!
-Romby, Frisco, TX

I have known Gens Johnson for 14 years. She has a remarkable talent for leading, coaching and developing people. She not only is dedicated to her own success in life but is also just as dedicated to help other people succeed in life as well. Gens takes her coaching, leading, and speaking very seriously and is very passionate about helping people achieve their best. Her ultimate goal is getting results. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for Gens and sincerely believe that she brings her unique energy, optimism, passion, and tireless creativity to everyone she meets. I love Gens and her passion, great leadership and most of all, for her sincere love for helping people!
-Janice, Gozales, TX

Gens Johnson is full of heart for others and extremely sincere about her intentions to help people succeed.  As a successful business man, Gens serves as my mental note, to stay on “the high road and go the extra mile on the road.”  In life there are barriers to each of these roads and having Gens give me a helping hand clears the barriers for me. When working with Gens she is very accessible and flexible. She has a very positive and pleasant way with everyone she encounters.  Her genuine love for people makes everyone feel at ease whether Gens is giving a presentation, training, coaching, leading or is in a personal setting. I highly recommend working with Gens on any level. You will not be disappointed.
-Max, Ft. Worth, TX

I have worked with Gens Johnson for over two years. She has been an incredible inspiration to me.  Her continuous ability to motivate me through the ups and downs of my life has been such a blessing. Gens is selfless, genuine, and all of the other qualities that derive a great leader. I look forward to many more years of direction from Gens and highly recommend working with her.
-Michelle, Hooversville, PA

Sometimes in this world you meet that rare type of person that makes a difference in your life. They fill the room and the world with a genuine heart and a helping hand. That is Gens Johnson. She constantly inspires me to do my best. She believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and I can feel her sincere love me every time we meet.
-Lorraine, Carrollton, TX

Gens Johnson is one of the most inspirational people I know.  She is consistent, a hard worker, and determined to do her very best with everyone she works with and everything she does.  She gives over and beyond to her clients helping them any way she can.  She is always looking at the positive side in every situation and inspires others to do the same.  She gives 110% all the time and loves people!!! She will motivate you and encourage you to do your best. She invests her time in you because she wants the best for you.  She is the real deal!!!
-Jenny, Austin, TX

I just want to take a few minutes to tell the world how very blessed I feel to have Gens Johnson a part of my life. I have worked in many types of industries and have worked with many types of professionals but I have never experienced the support, the love, the training and the success that I’ve had since being associated with Gens. Anyone would be absolutely so blessed to have Gens as a coach or a speaker. She is a true blessing and has a true gift for helping those around her succeed and believe in themselves. I have never seen anything like it before.
-Kathy, Frisco, TX