With the boom of internet and social media, the entrepreneurs and small business owners have got their business online. An online business gives an incomparable opportunity to run a business with a laptop and an internet connection. Starting a business online is easier than you think and it is becoming modern day gold rush nowadays!

Here are five steps to build an online business and start making money from your dream.

  1. Focus:
    The first thought that comes to mind is the ‘niche’ of the business. It’s not the end by figuring out a profitable niche for your business. You need to figure out who do you want to serve and how will you deliver to them. You do not need to follow any gurus to start your business! You need to focus on what will help you to achieve your business objectives.
  2. Build Your Audience:
    This is the area in which many businesses lag behind! You spend lots of money in getting your website ready using latest technology, appropriate plug-ins, widgets, images, contact forms, etc. but nobody visits your website! You won’t make any income until you build an audience. There are many ways to build your audience:

    • Upload content regularly on your website and share it on social media
    • Write for websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes and get exposure
    • Guest post on blogs
    • Be a guest on podcasts
    • Email Marketing
  3. Monetization Plan:
    After you decide your business niche and build your audience, it’s time to execute your plan to start generating income. You need a proper promotion schedule along with unique content. Research and plan out what services or products you will be offering to your customers. Use content strategy and social media for your brand awareness and sell your products.
  4. Test and Monitor:
    After implementing your plan, study and analyze what works and what does not. Try different offers, start discounts time to time, combine different products and services! Refine your process and change the strategies that aren’t giving you results.
  5. Launch and Scale:
    By this point, you will have good business followers and a business that’s ready for growth. Launch your business with a bang including affiliate partners, great network of business owners and entrepreneurs etc. Each launch should produce great revenue and drive your business towards growth. From this point, it’s about reinvesting and scaling up your business.

    There are few questions you should ask before starting. The technical aspect of starting a business or website is very easy but being consistent and working for months or years on your business is challenging!

    • Can I put 10-15 hours a week into my business?
    • Why do I want to start with this? Is this just a mere dream, your necessity or passion? Will doing a job or any other career be a better thing?
    • Am I ready to face the ups and downs?
    • Do I have any person to help me and support me in this journey?
    • What am I working for and what is the ultimate goal?
    • Are you willing to invest to make this happen?

If you have positive answers to all the above questions, you are good to start!

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