All of us have some goals in life. Some people may want to lose weight, earn more money, get a better job, finding a life partner, setting up a business, building better relationships, and apply for higher studies and so on. Some of the people easily get results while others seem to be stuck and don’t get the desired results.

Focus is the key factor responsible to achieve the desired results in life. Focus means having complete clarity of what you wish to achieve and the results. Before you start, ask yourself three questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a focused person?
  • Have you set a deadline to achieve your results?
  • What exactly do you want and when do you want it?

Here are three simple strategies to help you get desired results:

  1. Be transparent on what you want.  Make sure you know the mission and vision of the goals/results you want to achieve. Once you are sure, break them down into actions on a daily or weekly basis. Analyze what needs to be done and make sure your actions support your goals.
  2. Do not allow people and other things to divert your attention and discourage you. Be careful with the company of people you spend time with and be strategic in your actions.
  3. Consider your time to be the most precious thing in your life. Think about every single minute you spend.  Do you get the return on investment for that? The ultimate goal is that when you look back at the end of the year or even after a few months, you are not disappointed and instead you have things to count on for what you achieved.

When you meet your deadline, analyze and monitor your results. Because results are a perfect reflection of our highest level of permission for how much good we have allowed into our lives.

If you want different results in your life you have to realize you have to think differently and you have to do differently. You have to surround yourself with different people. If you’re only hanging out with yourself folks, you’re only going to get the same results.  You need to make sure that you are plugging in to two energy sources that have that positivity which can lead to development. That is what the objective of life, right? We should always develop more and more. That is how we get new results in our lives.

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